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Angela Wilson


Vegan Angel is the creation and inspiration of CEO and Owner Angela Wilson.

A former meat eater, noticeable changes in unhealthy body weight and skin appearances became evident after retiring from sports.  Angela was a very active young adult and maintained an active lifestyle through competition at Semi-Professional Track and Field.  Angela confidently changed to a Vegan diet and the change became noticeable very quickly.


Deciding to leave behind a successful career as an IT Professional of sixteen years, to emphasize her focus on her health and diet, Angela enrolled in a unique Chef’s Training Program. This program was one of the only Canadian institutes to offer a program in Vegan and Vegetarian Culinary Arts.

Vegan Angel is an online meal prep delivery company that offers and aims to provide and promote a passion for health assured cooking and flavourful dishes tasted with each bite!

The decision to become Vegan was life altering and Angela’s recognition for wanting to help others commence, maintain or remain educated about a healthy lifestyle through a Vegan diet, would be the goal of her business.  Higher quality choices influenced with tasty, healthy and satisfying food. Everything curated by Vegan Angel makes our vegan community and planet a better place.