Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I do when meals arrive? 

Meal plan subscribers are to refrigerate until ready to be enjoyed.  Once you have selected and enjoyed your delectable meal, rinse your container and recycle or feel free to reuse.  

Can I freeze my meals? 

Some meals are more freezer friendly than others.  For the best experience of flavour and texture, it is recommended that you refrigerate your meals.  Although freezing can be done, it should be noted that the texture of some ingredients may likely be altered in the freezing process. 

 How long will meals last?  

Vegan Angel fresh meals will last up to five days for your enjoyment from time day of delivery and refrigeration. While meals are fresh, feel free to store meals 1-2 days longer at your discretion. 

What if I have food allergies? 

To simplify, subscribers may email with inquiries.  We are unable to guarantee customizing meals for preference or allergy.



Are meals good for kids? 

Absolutely! Vegan Angel meals were created with the health benefits and consideration of kids as well! It is understood that parents require support that is not always received by school systems. 

 Are meals 100% organic and GMO free? 

At Vegan Angel, the goal is to offer meals that are accessible, affordable and healthy to a wide variety.  Locally sourced, the majority of fresh produce and ingredients are organic.  Being 100% organic and GMO-free becomes quite costly for customers and is also not always seasonally available in the region.  Being 100% organic and GMO free becomes quite costly for customers and is also not always seasonally available in the region.   


How does delivery work? 

It’s really easy! All you do is pick the subscription that works best for you, complete the checkout process, and your meals will be delivered on the following Monday between 12:00pm to 7:00 pm.   Timing may vary depending on road and weather conditions.

The cut of day to place orders is Thursday at 11:59pm  

 How does subscription work? 

Vegan Angel is a subscription-based meal delivery and catering service.  As a subscriber, you will have fresh delectable dishes delivered weekly.  When you sign up, you will be able to opt for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans.


Where do you deliver? 

Vegan Angel delivers locally within Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke.

Additional $20 delivery fees for delivery to Brampton, Burlington, and Milton.

Will Vegan Angel deliver to my office? 

Absolutely!  Just provide you cell phone number, parking instructions, and building entry information.  Meals will be left in a insulate bag with the office receptionist.  Please ensure receptionist is aware in advance.  If it’s a busy area, we may ask that you meet our driver downstairs to receive delivery.