Terms & Conditions

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Vegan Angel is devoted to providing healthy and tasty vegan meals right to your door.  We have confidence that people will revel in the health benefits that can accompany a vegan diet however, Vegan Angel is in no way a weight loss or health solution.


Medical Concerns

If you have any concerns before or after purchasing our food, meals or any other products, please consult with and expert or a certified medical professional. Vegan Angel is not responsible or liable under any circumstances for any illness or health problems that may result from the consumption of its products.



If you have a severe or life-threatening allergy to any of the foods or menu options, please refrain from ordering Vegan Angel products. Vegan Angel consistently ensures that no animal or animal bi-products come into contact with any of our prepared foods however, we cannot guarantee it.

Weight Loss

Vegan Angel does not guarantee, promote or promise any healthy or weight loss results from eating our prepared foods, meals or other products. Weight loss and/or health benefits are achievable but vary on an individual basis on current health, weight, metabolism, age, activity level, and various other factors.


Menu Changes/Adjustments

It is Vegan Angel’s top priority to present our customers with quality prepared meals that are fresh, nutritious and appetizing. In order to provide the highest standard of quality and consistency we may need to make substitutions and/or modifications to the menu and cannot guarantee the ingredients are 100% organic and/or local- however we do guarantee freshness and that you are 100% satisfied with your meal service. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions, concerns or comments – as we are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction and feedback of our service.